Ven. Ashin Gambira in Darkness.

Venerable Ashin GambiraLeading monk of Saffron revolution in crucial physical and psychological state, suffering of fits as a consequence of his torture. Venerable Ashin Gambira was unjustly disrobed and imprisoned in Nov’07, later sentenced to 63 years (after update). He has actively continued the struggle even in prison up to now. His core human rights as a prisoner are denied. Medical treatment is denied, except (probably sedative) injections.

There is an actionlight a candle” to rise up awareness about his case and all the others unjustly imprisoned in Myanmar. It includes sending letters to those responsible. The call is the unjustly imprisoned to be immediately released, their human rights to be accepted and followed. Urgently just now, venerable Ashin Gambira has to be provided with medical care in hospital, up to now denied.

More information is available on

All, at least political, prisoners in Myanmar-Burma, shall be released immediately, without any further evasions. The kind of claims about difficulties to recognize, who is a prisoner of conscience and who not or even whether there is any prisoner of conscience or just whether there are just criminals; the “problems” or “difficulties” to decide who can be covered in a possible amnesty and who not, who can be released and who not, are just a guise, a play, “struggling” to keep hidden the fact there is no rule of law, even no sufficiently fair law  in Myanmar. So question should be more likely whether ALL prisoners shall be released – and there are those who have such power to approve this and get the ball rolling! – and whether to imprison those momentary, but not permanent, powerful imprisoners on all the levels of the current power!


The Best – exile group in Mae Sot, lead by venerable King Zero.

Amnesty International Info

Deep concern for those of which base human rights have been denied, and for those who continue struggling for acceptance of human rights and resisting despite cruel tough conditions they face.


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