In Little Burma – Engaged Buddhist armed fighter now supporter and employer

Mae Sot, Little Burma in Thailand, May 2011 – Myat Thu usually does not spend too much time in the Aiya cafè, so I was happy to meet him there ‘by chance’, even before any trial to contact him… Though he surely had his plans what to do, he stayed practically as long as I listened to and put questions, in an interesting conversation.

Myat Thu is in his middle age, with Burmese and Shan ethnic roots, borned in the delta of Irrawaddy. Studied physics, however could not finished. The revolutionary year 1988 he spent in his homeland, in the delta. At that time he decided to join the army of the ABFSU (All Burma Federation of Student Unions), though he had been a Buddhist. He says under this army he fought with Mara, the tempter. He confesses there was a kind of hatred and he killed some people within army fights, but not under any other occasion.

Today, he is still engaged however his focus has shifted. Continue reading…